Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Where did April go? One minute we're in jeans and sweaters and jackets, and now we're headed for 90 degrees! And while spring is an amazing time of year, I'm getting amped for summer. Today is going to be an early preview, so I'm going to dust off (figuratively) my favorite summer dress (cotton, royal blue and oh so comfortable), slap on some sandals and head out to enjoy the day! Camera in tow of course! Can't wait to see where the day leads.... maybe to our favorite ice cream shop in Cameron Village, Goodberry's for a cold treat. Perhaps I'll finally make it to the nail salon for a pedicure, since my toes are in desperate need of a paint job now that they'll regularly see the light of day. Or maybe I'll make my favorite summer drink, fresh squeezed lemonade. And after the AMAZING week I had (more to come on that), I feel like my future is looking very bright. Almost as bright as this lemon, but much sweeter.
 Happy May!

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