Sunday, May 9, 2010


How do you thank the person who gave you life? 
Who would sacrifice everything for you. Who scraped and saved to give you a safe place to live, clothes on your back, a full tummy, a college education and wedding of your dreams. 
Who wouldn't judge you or lecture you (okay, maybe a little) when you weren't heading down the path she expected, but supported you nonetheless.... such as a perm with feather bangs and a scrunchy to top it off.
Who would put post-it love notes in your lunch box. 
Who would stay up all night sewing an amazing Halloween costume of your current hero, Strawberry Shortcake, and matching nightgowns for you and your cabbage patch doll. 
Who would sing sweet lullabies and read a book to you every night before bed. 
Who taught you to shoot for the stars.
 Who loves you for you, unconditionally and always.
 I don't know that you can, but I hope she knows how thankful I am to call her Mom.

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