Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hall of Fame

I have little bit of bragging to do. Thursday, May 13th was a very proud day in the Simson household. Phillip's dad was inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame! To say that Paul Simson is a good golfer is an understatement, and I've been told on more than a few occasions that he's a "helluva good golfer." So it's pretty exciting that the great state of North Carolina recognizes it as well. But even with the NUMEROUS tournament championships, trophies, titles, and accolades he's accrued over the years, it doesn't faze him, he just appreciates that he has been blessed with a God given talent and wants to share the love of the game with whomever he meets... and maybe also win a few tournaments in the process! Even as he approaches his sixties, he shows no signs of slowing down and won another championship (defending his title as North Carolina Senior Amateur) the day he was inducted! Always the competitor ;)

Our family is so proud of this major accomplishment and are grateful that we were able to share it with him. And as an added bonus!!! Paul asked that I take his photo for the booklet that they distribute to the guests, but little did we know that this picture would also be used for hanging in the North Carolina Museum of History. So I now have photo hanging in a museum! How cool is that!?

For some background on him and his game, the News & Observer wrote a great article on him here.

Congratulations Paul!!!! We love you!
Here's the photo I took, which will be hanging in the museum!
The 2010 inductees into the Sports Hall of Fame.

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