Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harvey & His Many Hats

When we adopted Harvey we were unaware that he brought more to our family than just a pretty face. Harvey has talents and not just the traditional talents dogs are typically associated with. Yes, he can sit, shake, high-five and lay down, but Harvey has many layers to him, some of which we're just now beginning to discover. Like for instance, he has a keen eye for decor. We know this because every time we leave the house, upon our return he has rearranged all the throw rugs in the house. He feels that they should all be in one room, in a pile, and that he should sit on them. Don't try to put them back though, because this only makes it more tempting for him to move them to their "rightful place."

Harvey also is very handy with daily chores, such as sorting laundry. After you've sorted the laundry once, Harvey feels the need to separate key items from the piles, such as socks, underwear, wash cloths and when he's feeling especially ambitious, sheets. Thankfully he's avoided eating them unlike someone else I know.

Additionally, Harvey is very talented at keeping time. In fact, we no longer need to set our alarm clocks nor worry we'll ever over sleep again. Harvey forbids it. He believes a good day should begin promptly when the sun rises and lets us know this immediately. He could easily take over for a rooster should we ever move to a farm.

And finally, but most importantly, he reminds us of the importance of stopping to smell the roses... and fire hydrants, leaves, grass, trees, other dogs' poo, and anything else we might find on our walks. Thanks buddy!

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