Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Midas Touch

Since Phillip and I do not have a dog of our own just yet, we regularly volunteer to dog-sit. And so, a couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Midas. Midas is a very special Dachshund. He was rescued from a  lady who happened to be a hoarder, and so the first weeks of Midas' life were crammed into a crate with 8 other puppies. Luckily, he does not carry a bitter bone in his body and is one of the happiest and funniest dogs I've ever met.

One particularly funny moment involved our laundry. We had "puppy-proofed" the house, and kept the doors shut to our guest room, which occasionally turns into the laundry staging room. I had run into the room to grab something as I was getting ready for work and Midas was at my heels to see what lurked in this forbidden room. Since I was running late I didn't notice that in the 2 seconds I had been in the room, Midas had managed to grab three pairs of underwear, plop himself under the bed, and chew up (and eat) them all. But how can you be mad at a face like this?

Unfortunately for Midas, I was informed by his mom, that karma does indeed work and he did pay the price (digestively) later on. Poor guy.

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