Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Tobacco District

A fellow budding photographer, Katie, and I got together on FRIGID Saturday morning (the frost that I had to scrape off of my windshield was not a great sign) for a shoot at the American Tobacco District in downtown Durham. Our frozen fingers could only last so long (changing the camera settings with gloves on is not possible for me), so I'm considering investing in a pair of fingerless gloves - perhaps these cashmere beauties? But we had a great time swapping resources and ideas (lucky me, I was on the receiving end of most of the info!) and we found out that we both share a passion (maybe even a little obsession) for Tamara Lackey, a local but nationally renowned photographer famous for her children and babies portraiture (you'll see her book sitting on my nightstand below). I also learned about some other great photography blogs (like Jasmine Star... love!) to follow and classes to take (Katie's enrolled in the online course, The Art of Seeing, and I'm learning new lighting techniques through Wake Tech's Creative Camera III). We managed to squeeze in a few shots before we called it quits and headed to Nosh for a breakfast of warm flaky biscuits and mocha latte. A great way to start off the weekend!


  1. Fun times! It was definitely chilly. I'm ready for the warmer weather after our big snow tomorrow :) Love the b&w conversions! Can't wait for another outing...