Monday, April 5, 2010

Off to The Races

The first Saturday in April is kind of a sacred day in our family... it's The Races! Lots of friends and family gather together at the Ben Venue farm outside of Flint Hill, Virginia to tailgate and watch the Old  Dominion Hounds Point to Point. And while I'm not as savvy when it comes to all things equestrian, I LOVE the opportunity the day provides for catching up with family and friends we haven't seen since the last race and of course, the photos!
View of the revelry...
 Friends waving hello!
Another photographer on the prowl... though I must confess, after seeing her lens and mono-pod, I felt a bit envious for a split second.
The "bookie"

And of course, what's a day with the family without some "childish" antics ;)

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