Sunday, March 14, 2010

Up in the Air

Friday nights have become kind of a recovery time for us. After a long, exhausting week at work, we sometimes have trouble finding motivation to get off of the couch, whereas just a couple of years ago, we couldn't wait to see where the night would lead us. Ugh, does this mean we're getting old? I'm hoping it's more weather related and as the weather turns warm, we'll be back to our old selves - ready for game nights with friends, cook outs by the pool, and of course the occasional pint of beer or glass of wine downtown, maybe even some dancing if we're feeling especially ambitious. 

This past Friday it was cold, raining and we had both worked LONG hours. So on my way home from work, I stopped by a RedBox to pick up the Oscar nominated movie Up in the Air, which I had already reserved using the newly downloaded RedBox app on my droid (did I mention I love this phone? Its means of pre-planning leave me breathless...) I won't list any spoilers here, since I hate it when details of movies, sporting events, etc. leak out (unless of course I'm seeking to find out the results.) I only want to comment on the intro to the movie though. It shows lots of different views from a plane in flight - views of fields, irrigation systems, clouds, bodies of water etc. Well, this reminded me of some shots I had gotten on our flight to the British Virgin Islands for our honeymoon. We had gone back and forth on which mode of transportation to take to get there since Virgin Gorda is a tiny island, and our choices were limited. It was between flying from San Juan to Virgin Gorda on a Cessna 404 (see picture here... yikes!) OR taking a more substantial propeller plane (ATR72) from San Juan to Tortola Island and then having a catamaran pick us up for the 20 minute ride to the resort, with complimentary rum punch provided... Guess which one we took?

Here are the photos from the plane heading over the islands and drinks on the catamaran.


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