Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Harvey: Paper Shredder Extraordinaire

Phillip and I went to a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game last week since they were playing against my former hometown and Canes' arch-rival, the Washington Capitals aka Caps. The game was pretty intense and the Canes pulled out a win against the number one team in the league in OT! Yeah! (Side note: Although I grew up outside of the DC area, my hockey loyalty resides with the Canes since I had never even seen a game until Phillip and I started dating and he shared his obsession passion with me.) I had brought my camera along, since at this point, it pretty much goes where I go, and captured a few action shots and a few beer shots, since beer and hockey seem to go hand in hand.

Well, the camera especially came in handy when we arrived back at home and were greeted by a sheepish looking dog and a paper trail... literally. Apparently, we adopted a paper shredder.

The crime scene...
 Paper shredding is hard work...


  1. Last photo shows the dog and papers if you have paper shredder it could not happen.

  2. Paper shredding is, indeed, a hard work unless you have a shredding machine in your home. Disposing piles of papers could be easier and faster on that manner. But since you have that dodgy dog, half of the shredding will always be his doing, I guess. Hehe!

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management