Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Love?

Okay, maybe "love" is overdoing it, but definitely a new infatuation. I recently upgraded to the DROID by Motorola and I am HOOKED, line and sinker. I had no idea how the apps would change my life, or distract me from it as it were... having google available at your fingertips can be dangerous... but there's no turning back now!

Its modes of procrastination are limitless with the barcode scanner to help me find the cheapest place to buy anything with a barcode, the urbanspoon to tell me where to dine, E!online for my latest celebrity gossip, google sky just in case I need to know what constellation I'm looking at, Fandango to see what movie I'd like to see and buy a ticket ahead of time, Live Scores so I know how my favorite teams are doing, the Weather Channel which lists the current conditions of all my favorite places, and I'm just one touch away from Facebook. If only there was an app to clean my house.... a girl can dream.

1 comment:

  1. if there is an app for cleaning my house and finding some extra time so i can get a manicure that would be great. send it my way!