Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oyster Roast

I had a great weekend celebrating the upcoming nuptials of our good friends Thomas and Katie. We were a part of a group of their friends that hosted an Oyster Roast at Landmark Tavern in downtown Raleigh. I volunteered to photograph the party and had a fun time capturing all the details and friends and family members having a great time. Everyone was in a celebratory mood, the food was fantastic, and there was an Oyster cake! Even the weather cooperated. Katie and Thomas have a wonderful group of friends who you could tell were really excited to help celebrate them and their engagement. Here are some highlights from the festivities:
 the bride-to-be welcoming her guests
                                               Oyster cake!
The fish bowl filled with embarrassing stories of the couple for the roast of them at the end of the night!

Good times with great food & great friends!


  1. They are WONDERFUL! you did such an awesome job!

  2. Great photos laura! I love how you captured the event.