Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunny San Diego

I'm currently holed up at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on business. The plan was to bring my camera to take a few pics should any free time fall into my lap, but with my carry on and personal item filled to the brim and weighing all most as much as I do... ok, that's an exaggeration, but they are pretty heavy... I had to nix the DSLR camera and planned to throw in my point-and-shoot; however, that got left behind along with my toothpaste. So I'm left with my camera phone, which is actually not too shabby. Here are few photos I snapped with my LG:

View from my hotel room

Gas Lamp District Entrance

Padres Stadium

View of the marina and a Dole Cargo Ship -- That is A LOT of bananas

Entrance to the Embarcadero Marina Park 

View from the Convention Center of the sunset over the marina 

As a side note, while in the RDU airport, I realized that my fingernails looked pretty atrocious. As luck would have it, 2 gates down from my departure gate was the Xpress Spa. I've wandered by it quite a few times on other trips, always curious, but never enough time. Well, for once I actually arrived at the suggested hour and a half before my flight, so I took advantage of the spare time and got a manicure. It was definitely relaxing to sit in the massage chair and let all the stress from traveling, work, life, etc. just melt away and for half an hour I enjoyed some "me" time. Even though it was brief, it definitely did the trick and I was recharged and energized for the next few days of long work hours. I highly recommend it!

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