Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Ode to Ollie

Meet Ollie.

This happy fellow came into our lives in not the happiest of circumstances. He was found wandering in a parking lot, wet, covered in mud and ticks and had an injured leg. Lucky for him, my friend Emily took charge and scooped him up to see what was wrong. He had no collar and no microchip, so there wasn't an immediate way to find the owner. She whisked him to the vet, vaccinated him for rabies, got pain meds for the leg, and nursed him back to health. After postings online and fliers around the shopping center where he was found, no one turned up. Emily, knowing our desire to add a dog to our family, setup a playdate for us, and we fell for him instantly. He's adorable, doesn't chew on anything, no accidents in the house, no begging for food, and his favorite thing to do is sleep on his back with his paws in the air. He's the perfect dog. How could we be so lucky!? We sent out pics to family and friends introducing everyone to the new love in our life, and started falling into a routine. Life was good. Until the email came. The owner found him on craigslist three weeks after he'd been rescued. Our hearts fell into our stomachs as that horrible feeling of knowing he was no longer ours set in. We questioned why he was found in such a bad state, where had they been for the past 3 weeks and how did he get away? But we knew he was not ours. We had to give him back. We returned him to the family who owns a farm, where he was born, with 4 other dogs, so we know it's for the best and he'll be very happy to be back with his doggie buds, but it still hurts. We miss you Ollie. You have set the bar high for our next fur-baby, but we know he or she is out there and will be just as happy in our home. Take care buddy.


  1. oh nooo. laura, that made my heart sink when I read it! just not meant to be...but at least ollie has been nursed back to health.

  2. i just cried. what a sweet post. there is the perfect furbaby for you out there I just know it!