Thursday, February 4, 2010


While Phillip and I will always be a Deacon & a Wahoo at heart, I have to confess that we were pretty pumped at the opportunity to attend a Duke basketball game at Cameron Indoor. I've heard stories of how loud and crazy it gets in there, but to experience it first hand is like no other - Lord help anyone who decides to wear their school's colors in there... They are pretty ruthless as one Florida State gentleman in a yellow and maroon rugby shirt (aka Harry Potter, which the students affectionately shouted in unison towards him throughout the game - you can play Where's Waldo in the photos below) found out early on. Needless to say, it definitely lived up to my expectations and it was nice to  understand what the Cameron Crazies were shouting since it's sometimes difficult to tell on TV. One thing I was not prepared for was how tiny the arena is. It's no wonder my ears were ringing afterward with so much noise in such small confines. Here are a few highlights of the game:
Pregame warm-up.

The gentleman in the cowboy hat with the white erase board prepares the crowd for the "Harry Potter" chant. Though, in their defense, he was definitely intoxicated and actually seemed to relish the spotlight.
Wizardry battle between Harry Potter and the Blue Devil

Willing the ball to go their way.

Yawn* I think I'll see what's going on in the news...
Just kidding! The Crazies brought out the papers for a FSU foul shot and shouted, "Can You Read This."
Action shot.

Coach K rallies the troops.
And one last battle between Harry Potter and the Blue Devil. 
I believe this was before security asked the HP entourage to leave.

All in all, a fun time.

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