Thursday, February 25, 2010


Meet Miss Suiter. This little lady with an angelic face was wide awake and raring to go when I arrived early Sunday morning for a quick photo shoot. Her mom said she was all smiles and giggles right before I got there, so of course when the camera came out she was very serious, but at least there were no tears! Phew! And as much as we tried, she couldn't stay asleep unless she was snuggled up with mom - too much to see! So I just focused on capturing her gorgeous features, tiny hands and feet and beautiful decor of her nursery. I did catch one lucky shot of her blinking so it looks like she's sleeping - don't be fooled though - she sees all. Mom was great about changing outfits and keeping her happy while I snapped away. I'm still figuring out a lot - I think taking pictures of babies must be one of the most difficult things in photography - but was very happy with a few of the photos!

Here are my favorites:
 and now in color
tiny toes
black & white version
tiny hands
Rocking her to sleep
Sound asleep when snuggled up with mom... 
I love the baby fuzz! So soft!
baby blue eyes
 Thanks for a great shoot ladies!

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