Monday, February 15, 2010

Journey to the Artic Tundra

It's no secret that this winter has been very cold and wet on the east coast, but mother nature seems to have a direct bull's eye on my hometown of Front Royal, and she is not letting up. They've gotten close to 6 feet(!?!) of snow this winter, and have more on the way this week. 

Phillip and I trekked up to "Fro Ro," as we affectionately call it, to see my parents and the 30 inches of snow still on the ground this past weekend. And while they have managed pretty well, their dog and cat, Bailey and Lucy, have taken it pretty hard. Neither is a fan of the snow, especially when it's over their heads, so each has a major case of cabin fever. Bailey has taken to leaving little "presents" around the house and Lucy has bonded with a rubber band. Apparently it's become kind of a security blanket for her, so she takes it with her wherever she goes... upstairs, downstairs, naps, it doesn't matter. She even plays fetch with it. We're convinced she thinks she a dog.

When we weren't watching their antics around the house, we were out and about taking pics to document the copious amounts of snow.

My parents' backyard buried under the snow...
Sunset over the snow covered mountains. 
Icicles looming above...
Main Street.
Ginormous snow piles in the parking lot. 
The church where we were married just over 4 months ago!
Phillip driving the caboose.
Blue Ridge Mountains Skyline

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