Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow in Carolina

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a major event. Snow, ice and the South don't exactly mix well and people tend to freak out. Phillip headed to the grocery store for the requisite eggs, milk and bread (because it seems like we're only supposed to eat french toast during a snow storm?), but there were no eggs left (egg beaters had to suffice), the shelves were in disarray, and the line to check out took forever. He said it was like Y2k all over again! Despite the mess it created on the roads, it did give me some great photo ops! Phillip, our good friends Katie & Thomas, and I headed out into the cold for some fun in the 5 inches of snow that fell on Raleigh.

Crossing over the bridge and heading into downtown Raleigh.
Setting sun through the Magnolias in the snow.
Frozen cotton by the NC Museum of Natural History.
Flowers blooming in the snow.
 Fayetteville Street in the snow.
 Heading back home as the sun sets and reflects off of the buildings. So pretty!


  1. I like the sunset shot! Nice to get snowed in for the weekend :)