Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stuart + Meghan

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it... engagement sessions can be a bit awkward. And having done one myself, I know this for a fact. Wedding days are a different story - you've spent months preparing the details, you spend hours getting ready and you know that everyone will be looking at you because, let's face it, you're radiant. Your happiness is literally pouring out of your pores. And you're prepared to embrace the attention since you're getting married and excited to celebrate it. Engagement sessions are bit of a different story.  I remember kind of feeling exposed when I did mine. You're wearing regular clothes, you're looking great, but it's not the same... it's just you and the one you love, oh, and the 3rd wheel - the photographer. I get it. The first 10 minutes of an e-session are usually the goofy moments, when you're painfully aware that I'm there and I'm photographing you embracing, kissing, snuggling and putting all your intimate moments out there for the world to see - AH! I know... this is why it's awkward. But, it gets better. Gradually you forget I'm there. The "posing" stops and the camera captures the reason why you're getting married. The love. The laughter. Why you're a perfect fit.

Fall? Is that you?

Stuart & Meghan - Y'all are a GORGEOUS couple.
Thank you so much for spending your morning with me.

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  1. oh so in love. she is so photogenic and THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT! how spectacular. great work, it keeps getting better and better! you never cease to amaze me :)