Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reading Between the Lines

To have and to hold
    * even when I haven't washed my hair a in couples days and you have cheese fries stains on your shirt, we still find each other beautiful
     * because we always make sure to have a morning kiss before leaving for work, no matter how late I am or how much you have on your plate for the day ahead

For better or Worse 
     * because sometimes I turn into "Leisel" aka Low-Sugar Laura (LSL) when I haven't eaten in a couple hours and sometimes you freak out in the backseat of the car or elevator (no small spaces!); it's okay, we know each others' limits and help one another through them
     * sometimes we need to vent... sometimes a lot... and especially whenever there's something out of our control. Luckily we balance each other out and remind the other to not sweat the small stuff

For richer or for poorer
     * you're willing to support me in my "starving artist" quest
     * we're in this for the long haul, no matter what life throws us; we know that we'll always have each others' back

In sickness in the health
      * you'll fix me chicken and noodle soup and make sure I have plenty of ginger ale and saltines when I'm under the weather. I'll make sure you get lots of sleep and have your newspapers and magazines at your bedside.

To love and to cherish
        * I can't imagine sharing life's joys with anyone else but you. You're my best friend.

Until death do us part
      * because we know we'll love each other until the end

Happy Anniversary!
Our first year as husband and wife was amazing and
I can't wait to see what's to come for the many anniversaries ahead.


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary! Great post...Leisel...hilarious.

  2. So I've been behind the times of reading and well I just teared up reading this post. I love it and knowing y'all I love it even more. Hugs and Happy 1 Year y'all :)