Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fair to Remember

One of my favorite things about Fall is the arrival of the state fair. The food, the rides, the animals, the people watching... And I don't know that there's any other place where it's acceptable to fry anything and everything imaginable or get people to pay to eat interesting combinations of food... last year it was chocolate covered bacon, this year it was the Krispy Kreme burger and kool-aid pickles.

I love the fair and have gotten it pretty much down to a science when it comes to eating there, with breaks in between eating to play games, visit exhibits, see the animals, and ride the farris wheel.

Warning: The fair is not for the faint of heart. You eat A LOT and most of it's fried and delicious.

 First food of the day - gyros and a coke. Yum.

 You can do a lot of shopping in a motorized shopping cart.


 I'm not sure if he's trying to break out or take himself on a walk...

 Nap time with mom.

 That's a ginormous pumpkin...

 The BEST fries at the fair.

 The BEST roasted corn at the fair.

 Fried snickers!

 Not sure what a pig licker is...

 Don't you just want to snuggle up with them.

 Fried PB&J? Delicious.


  1. Your ferris wheel pictures had me at hello...and then there were the apples and the bunnies...but I died when I saw the night/ride photos...fabulous.

  2. Pig licker = bacon dipped in chocolate (I think!)....eek.

    Catching up on your are sooooooooo talented!!