Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. J

His mom opened the door and there he stood, little man J, eyeing me and my camera bags cautiously, creeping ever closer to his mom. Even at 2, he was little nervous about me being there, and it's no wonder with all the bags of equipment I'm toting around. Hi there! (I try to break the ice.) I like your shoes - he looks down at his white velcro Pumas, looks up at me and smirks. It's a start I thought... Then the playing began with all the toys that little boys love - cars, tricycles, scooters and well, really anything within reach. Mr. J likes to move as fast as his little legs or little wheels will take him. He soon figured out that we'd do anything to get him to laugh, so there were lots of great laughter shots. I think my favorite ones though, were when he turned reflective (for a split second) and looks like a little man contemplating the world ahead of him.

Waving hello to a friend
and then inviting them to join in the fun...
 Bella the bullmastiff wanted to oversee what was going on and do some modeling herself...
Modeling is tough work...
but it's fun too.
Such a gentleman.
Thanks for a great day Mr. J!

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