Thursday, September 2, 2010

Garden Helpers

I am not a fan of bugs and I tend to overreact whenever I am faced with one. Past overreactions have included screaming at the top of my lungs at a tailgate causing everyone within a hundred yards to go silent and stare at me because of a bee on my foot, swerving my car as I drove down a thankfully unpopulated road trying to avoid a spider swinging in and out of my window (I finally just shut the window), and numerous jumps on top of furniture - chairs, couches, beds - anything to get away from that horrendous bug. Poor Phillip might as well as add "exterminator" to his business card, because there's no way I'm doing the dirty work of killing and/or exposing of the dreaded bug.

But I found that when I have a camera between me and my enemy, I gain a little bit of courage. It especially helps when they're colorful and appear in my mom's beautiful garden.
Umm... how scary is he? Don't worry, we googled him and he is harmless... to humans.
This one was inspired by a fellow photographer! Thanks Katie!

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