Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kortney + Kelly

Rehearsal dinners have a special atmosphere to them that weddings can never reproduce. Anticipation. What will the bride's dress look like? What is the color of the bridesmaid dresses? What are the music selections? Who will cry first? Who will laugh first? Who's going to break it down on the dance floor? And then there's the other element of the rehearsal dinner, which sometimes makes it into the wedding, but the funniest ones are usually given prior to the big day - the roasting of the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Kortney and Kelly's "roast" was a loving tease at them when they first started dating. Both were in love, but both were also afraid to be the first to say it - easily understood, it's scary putting your heart on the line. So they eased into it by whispering "elephant shoe" to each other. Why elephant shoe? Because when you mouth those two little words, it looks like your saying three big words, "I love you." Genius. And so began their love affair and now marriage. The family got in on the act and incorporated an "Elephant Shoe" themed rehearsal dinner. 

Thanks Kortney and Kelly for letting me be a part of your delicious pig-pickin' rehearsal dinner!

Adorable couples. Elephant shoe.

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  1. Laura! what a *beautiful* job you did capturing the moments from this special evening! I know Kelly will be so thrilled to check it out when they return from honeymooning. Your ability to capture such unique moments is truly impressive- I will be excited to say I knew you "before you were famous"!!! pat yourself on the back for a job (very) well done! - Katie Henderson