Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coco: Year 2

I know two's get a bad rap, being terrible and such, so I'm more than happy to report a great shoot with a pretty awesome little lady (you might remember her from here), who just happened to turn two. The shoot also made me realize that even though the toddler stage may be fraught with tantrums, potty training terrors and lots of use of the word "NO!"... it's also when you begin to see little personalities form, their idiosyncrasies, likes and definite dislikes, and tiny vision of the person they'll become. It may be my favorite age... granted I was treated to a perfect, tantrum free evening, so I may be biased.

Thank you Miss Coco!

{Raleigh, NC Children's Portrait Photographer,
Wake Forest, NC Children's Portrait Photographer}

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