Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coming into the Light

I'm a natural light photographer. Mostly (like 90%) because I prefer softly lit pictures in pretty ambient light, but partly (the remaining 10%) because I'm not as comfortable with my flash and the thought of using off-camera flash - well that's just scary or it seemed scary until I attended Hobby & McNally's Flash Bus Tour.

I was afraid that most of the info was going to be completely over my head, but they explained in a way that just made good sense. It was almost like being inside their heads - they took a situation and broke down the available light and then what off-camera lighting they would use and why, even showing their mistakes along the way. Genius!

Armed with my swag bag of gels, frio gift card and other goodies, I can't wait to dust off my flash (yes, there's dust on it... that's how frequently I use it) and start practicing!

Thanks guys!

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