Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party

I love themes. Colors, sports, decades, tacky, really any theme will do. Just send the likewise themed evite/card and I'm there. So when I arrived to Mr. J's birthday party and saw the Toy Story themed party, I was excited... maybe even more than excited because I think I had barely walked a couple steps out of my car when I broke out my camera and started shooting. There were detail shots everywhere! And PONIES! I'm pretty sure I was running around like a giddy child hopped up on sugar... luckily, I fit right in.

love the party favor bags!

ooooooooh. party hats.

to infinity and beyond!

INCREDIBLE cake and cupcakes by Cupcake Envy


this just made me giggle...

 celebrity appearances by Woody, Buzz and Jessie!

 happy 3rd birthday mr j!

{Raleigh NC Birthday Party Photographer, Raleigh NC Event Photographer}


  1. Such a cute birthday party! I love the way you captured it.

  2. i want to be invited to this birthday party. team potato head!

  3. Laura, thanks for the great pictures. We had great weather, yummy food and a great photographer. Thanks soooooo much. I now have photos for my party planing business and great photos to keep our memories alive.

  4. These pictures are fabulous!! I would've totally hopped on one of those ponies!! Looks like James had a blast!! Thanks for sharing the pictures...would love to see more!! :D

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