Friday, January 14, 2011

The Rush

After 8 hours of driving I was exhausted and beginning to question my sanity. Why it seemed like a good idea to schedule a portrait in North Carolina when I knew I'd be coming down from Pennsylvania, I had no idea. As I pulled in the driveway and drank a few more swigs of my diet coke, hoping for an extra bit of energy, I suddenly felt nervous.Too late to turn back now. I gathered my gear, approached the home and what welcomed me alleviated all my doubts.

The home felt alive. There were children running and screaming  joyfully with enough energy to keep a small city powered for a few days. A football bowl game played in the background with a few dads gathered around. The moms bustled around providing order to the organized chaos. I suddenly felt at home. 

Armed with my camera, I somehow renewed. And when faced with those energized and adorable kids, I knew exactly what to do and found a new energy myself.

 {Raleigh Family Portrait Photographer, Wake Forest Family Portrait Photographer}

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  1. I think these are some of my favorite portraits I've seen you do. Great job!