Monday, November 1, 2010

Chris + Samantha: Wake Forest Wedding

Chris and Samantha's wedding day was the kind of day you dream of. The perfect October sky, a breeze that warms you when you're cold and cools you when you're hot. Leaves slightly tinted with the golden color of fall, but have still enough green to remind you of the summer. A ceremony filled with lots of love and quite a bit of laughter. A reception that left no dry eyes after the touching toasts and dances. The band rocked it out and we danced until we could dance no more (my shoes were quickly abandoned under a cocktail high top). I loved this wedding. So much of a wedding's spirit depends on the enthusiasm of the family and friends and this crowd had enough to celebrate two weddings... seriously, so much fun. And Samantha - such a GORGEOUS bride. Her smile was infectious. And Chris was beaming at her the entire time.

Even their photographers were super sweet and let me chat them up during their down time, which I greatly appreciated and can't wait to see their photos. I, of course, captured some of my own, because I just can't help it. So I am especially thankful for them not minding me wandering in the outskirts.

What a beautiful start to a beautiful marriage.

The Sutherland, Wake Forest, NC

As guests entered the site, they were welcomed by a walk down memory lane, filled with pictures of their parents and grandparents weddings
and family memories. LOVE this.

Gorgeous setting for an outdoor wedding.

Ceremony time. 


They're married! Woo hoo! Time to celebrate it.

How adorable is this flower girl?


Congrats Mr. & Mrs!


  1. Oh, Laura!!! These photographs are absolutely beautiful!!! I love how you captured all of the small details! You are a very talented photographer and I thank you so much for helping to memorialize this wonderful day!

  2. Seriously, if you didn't get better pictures than the paid photographer I'd be amazed! These are spectacular! As usual, your low light photography is stellar. I'd love to get together sometime and trade tips!

  3. Laura! I cannot stop looking at these pictures! You did such an amazing job and I just am so glad that you got all of our small details! Thank you so much for everything!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  4. Love, love, love, love, love. These are beautiful!