Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hair cuts. I have an abnormal fear of them. Not sure where it stems from, since I don't recall having a horrible hair experience. But maybe that's the problem, I'm always afraid the next one will be The One. I realize it's completely illogical, I mean, I know it's just hair. I know it will grow back. But the fear of getting that awkward hair cut kept my hair longer than shoulder length a long time... like 10+ years. I've always wanted to do try a short do, but the fear would creep in and I'd chicken out at the last minute. Then I met Jen at Bottega. And I felt a comfort there. No pressure, just good hair know-how. We went through pictures, we talked about the style, and then we set a deadline, deciding that I would go for the post-wedding chop. As it approached, I got anxious, but I had faith in Jen and kept my promise to myself. Try something new. So, I did and I love it. Especially since it cut my hair prep time in half. Definitely a bonus.

I've loved my experience there and want others to as well, so when Jen & Jill mentioned they'd love to get some photos of a friend/client who had great style, but was moving back to Egypt, I jumped at the chance.While they were prepping her, I ran around the studio snapping a few pictures. They're a "green" salon, so when they were designing it, they were able to reuse almost all the materials and even the company of the hair spray they use plants a tree for every bottle purchased. Love it.

Meet Mia. She's obviously gorgeous on the outside, but after spending just a few minutes with her, I knew she was just as lovely on the inside. Oh, and she has a kick ass hair cut. Have a safe journey home!

Jill joined in the fun and did some modeling of her own. Just beautiful.

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