Thursday, February 16, 2012

Claire is (almost) One

It's hard to believe that her mom was here on this same couch 1 year ago, counting down the days to Claire's arrival with so much unknown about this little one. Not knowing if she'd take after her mom more or her dad (the verdict is still out since she's a pretty adorable combination of both of them). What her personality would be like... What her first word would be and her first steps taken... How much she'd love her grandparents and especially her cousin Mr. Mason. And now it's even harder to believe that she's approaching her first birthday. 

This little one holds a special place in my heart. 

 "Umm, excuse me, do you know how cold it is out here?"

 "Oh alright, I'll give you a smile..."

"Hmm, what's that over there?

 "Oooh, a party hat for me?!"

Wait... I have to WEAR it? Uh, no thanks.
"Well, it is pretty adorable on me...

 and I'll even smile about it."

Happy Early Birthday Miss Claire.

{First Birthday Photographer, Raleigh, NC; Baby Portrait Photographer, Virginia}

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  1. What adorable photos!! Happy early birthday, sweet Claire.