Monday, November 28, 2011

The T Family

November has been unseasonably warm in the Triangle, which means I've gotten lots of extra time photographing the little ones without any worries of runny noses or cold feet... just lots of fun playing in the leaves and sometimes hiding behind them.

The T Family happened to schedule their session on a perfect morning with overcast skies, warm breezes. They also happen to have Mr. Adorable - Benjamin. This little man's personality ran circles around my camera and had me laughing and on my toes the entire time. He's in the mimicking phase at the moment and so when I'd get down low to get a picture, he'd then get down low too... which would then make me stand up to get him to stand up, and then jump down quickly to get back to his level, but he'd beat me to it of course... and this went on for a while... Benjamin won, but I still got in a few shots here and there...

Benjamin struck this pose on his own. Love that he crossed his feet!

Thanks T Family!!

{Holiday Family Portrait Photographer, Raleigh NC}


  1. Laura,

    These are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!!


  2. Precious! So artfully and naturally made, too!

  3. Brilliant !!! LOVE these photos !!! Every single picture is adorable !!! FANTASTIC !!! Laura you had precious subjects who are just the cutest ever and you are a very talented photographer -- a winning combination !!!

  4. Okay, the B&W in the middle of just his little face and him holding his parents' fingers gets me every time I look at it. Oh the joy!