Wednesday, November 2, 2011

John + Prudence: Savannah Wedding

If it seems like I've been on a tour of the South, well then you are right. Charleston, Savannah... I'm thinking I should plan a trip to New Orleans soon just to complete the trifecta. Phillip and I are deep into wedding season and Savannah was next our a list. I had never been fortunate enough to visit Savannah, so this trip was long overdue.

To start the things off right on the right foot (this means food...) we headed to Clary's, where it so happens that Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods!) and Lady Chablis (Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil!) had also decided to start their day with a film crew in tow. Awesome!

We'll have to check out the show in March to see if we get an airtime as diners! Phillip is convinced the camera guy was on him for a good 2 minutes straight, so he feels pretty confident his 15 minutes of fame is coming...

From there it was lots of wandering, shopping... and more shopping

Then it was wedding time!

love this shot of the little sister. so sweet.

Things started out as most wedding receptions do... first dance, drinks, and delicious food....

pretty reception decor... with some local flair

But then all of a sudden there were beads...  and "go cups" and crowns... and cowboys...

and everything seemed to be taken up a notch... with a New Orleans twist

there was zydeco music and sunglasses and spoons...

and then the buckets came out :)

and it was a lot of fun.

and just when you think they can't top it... out come the beignets

but all great things must come to an end...

and if you're going to go all out, go out with a sparkle...r

Laissez les bon temps rouler mon amis!

Looks like I can put off that trip to New Orleans for a while...

{Savannah Wedding Photography}

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