Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I Love...

Where has the time gone? My goal of blogging 2-3 times a week has quickly deteriorated to once a week (if I'm lucky). Well, it's time to get back on the wagon, starting.... now!

Things have been hectic around the Simson household and yet if you asked me what's been going on, I wouldn't be able to pin point it.... it seems to be a mixture of crazy work schedules, new car hunting/buying (yay!), trips with friends, trips with family, birthday celebrating, photography classes, and a never ending mountain of laundry.

I've missed the blog, so it seems like the perfect time for another installment of Things I Love.

Nothing says "it's time to enjoy the warm summer's nights while keeping the bugs away" like a tiki torch. In addition to being festive, they're also practical. Love.

I grew up a beach vacation girl, but recently am slowly warming up to the idea of lake vacations.The tranquility on the water can't be beat.
I recently became the owner of a brand new car. I've never had a "new" car before, so it feels like a pretty big milestone. I'm going to miss "Max," we've been through a lot of amazing trips together, but the "new guy" (have not yet named him) is filling in quite nicely.

the SHOOTSAC. Love Love Love this bag. I was using a backpack during shoots, but I could never seem to master swinging it around to change lenses in between takes and it kind of made me feel like a second grader. I'd always end up setting it down, changing lenses, and inevitably leave it there until we changed locations - meaning I was running back and forth. Not ideal. The SHOOTSAC changed everything since all my gear was right at my hip. No more running around, no more sweaty back from the backpack (sorry, that was probably too much info), it's all right there! Next up will be to upgrade the flap to a lovely pattern, but for now, black will do!

Happy Monday!

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