Monday, June 20, 2011


Book worm one minute, sprinter the next. 
Sweet, but sassy. 
Explorer and homebody. 
Comedienne and a serious thinker. 

Leah is the perfect combination of opposites. 

I've known Miss Leah since she was itty bitty (her mom and I have been the bestest of friends since pre-school), so watching her grow up brings back a lot of memories of her mom and I growing up too. I see so much of her mom's spirit, stubbornness, sweetness, love of books and love of life. It makes me long for the simple summer days of jumping on trampolines, freeze pops, bonfires with smores, and sleepovers. But I'll settle for living vicariously through Leah's eyes, documenting the sweetness from afar.

Thank you Miss Leah!

{Raleigh NC Child Portrait Photographer, Virginia Portrait Photographer}

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