Monday, February 28, 2011

Process Overload

I'm back! And whoa, where to begin? It's taken me a few days to process what just happened, but my paralysis due to excitement and taking in an overwhelming amount of information is finally starting to subside and I'm ready blog again! 

I've never felt more inspired and validated in my mission. One overarching theme I found throughout my classes that I especially took to heart was that we, photographers all have passion, we all have cameras, but what sets us a part is our vision and not just the vision to compose an image. It's the vision of your business, your brand, but even more importantly, you - and where you see yourself going. It's so easy to see another photographer's portfolio or website or blog and want to make your own image look similar (what were their settings, what actions did they use, how did they get that lighting), but then you're not being true to yourself and selling your images - you're selling theirs. I especially took this to heart because I've been struggling to find my voice in my images and brand. There are so many photographers' work that when I see an image published in a magazine or blog, I know it's theirs immediately and I'm left wondering how they found their vision and can remain so consistent in it without losing creativity. I know it's not going to happen over night, but I feel so much closer to figuring out my own style and am ready to build a brand on it. Until now, I've been in reactive mode - I've responded to photo shoot requests without envisioning how they'll represent my brand. I've been trying to take "pretty" pictures, without a vision. It was a wake up call and just in time since it's time for me to create a real brand and website. I'm excited.

Part II of my WPPI experience is coming soon...

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