Sunday, February 13, 2011

Harvey's Day

One year ago we made the trek to Saving Grace Dog Rescue to meet a fellow named Freeman. We didn't know much about him, but after seeing his profile on the website, we knew we had to meet him. He had kind of an old man but wise soul look about him and his bright brown eyes seemed to say "love me."

When we walked through the gate of the farm, he ran towards us immediately and began licking our hands like he already knew we were there to see him. He chose us and we named him Harvey.

Fast forward a year later and we're still a happy trio. We've had a share of ups (snuggle fests, long walks and lots of treats) and downs (he still likes displaying the recycling around the house and shredding mail), but we're a family and we can't imagine life without our best canine companion, Harvey.

To celebrate our one year adoption anniversary, we decided to throw Harvey a little birthday party in his favorite park with all his favorite things.

Such as...

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