Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Christmas

Beatrice Kate will be celebrating her first Christmas in a few weeks, so as an adult, I'm pretty excited for her and all she has to look forward to. Seeing her beautiful home decorated for the holiday brought back memories of my families' traditions... the cookies & milk (plus carrots for the reindeer), the excitement of Santa, the presents, my church's annual Christmas pageant in which I managed to secure the very important role of donkey three years in a row (thankyouverymuch), trekking through the bitter cold to sing Christmas carols, coming home to hot chocolate and the sweet smell of pine, the warm glow of the tree's lights, and hanging my stocking above the fire place... I could go on and on. Beatrice will have her own family traditions to look forward to and knowing her mom & dad, they're going to be pretty spectacular - I know this is especially true since her mom did the all the styling of the shoot. Here's a glimpse of Miss Bea getting into the holiday spirit.

 Mmmm, smells like Christmas

I think these next few may be may absolute favorites. Ashley... you are amazing.

Beatrice Kate and her main man, Arnold, who was equally infatuated. 

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Laura, these turned out more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for! Somehow your skill as a photographer and the cuteness of our baby combined to create something quite special! Thank you again for coming over!!