Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things I Love

Downton Abbey, PBS & Vanity Fair
LOVE this show. The furnishings, the clothes, the etiquette, the love triangles, the secrets - I can't soak it all in quickly enough. Unfortunately, I was late to the party on this one, but thanks PBS.com, I was able to watch full episodes from Season 1. I had my own Downton Abbey marathon to catch up, but now that Season 2 is over, I'm left to count down the days till it's return. In the meantime, I'm enjoying Vanity Fair's recaps and hilarious trading cards... yes, trading cards.

Siri & the iPhone 4s
While I haven't figured out any legitimate questions to ask Siri, I have had a lot of fun asking her important things such as, What's your favorite color? Is there a God? I love you. Will you marry me? And of course, where do you hide a body? Don't worry, I haven't taken to a life a crime, but apparently, these are all the questions one should ask her. Who knew!? Her responses are hilarious and a great way to waste time... as if I needed another...

A room with a view
Westin Hotel, Downtown Atlanta, December 30, 2011

Buying Local
Our neighborhood is a great mixture of Old Raleigh, artists, architects, hipsters, preps, and transplants. Even with all our different interests, you can find most of us gathering at our local Famer's Market (open Saturdays in April through November) by Boylan Bridge, where you can sample Muddy Dog Coffee (the Ethiopian blend is my favorite), grab a bite to eat at a Food Truck, drink a beer brewed by local brewery, Fullsteam, pick up some homemade cashew butter, and decorate your home with a City Fabric print of Raleigh.

Not the bird (though I am a fan), but the iPad case. I love that it's not obvious that you're toting around an iPad, while also making sense functionally... and it's pretty handsome looking in orange.

Family Portrait with Harvey, aka "The Monster"
He starts out sweet, but soon his inner monster appears.
 Luckily, the sweetness returns soon thereafter.

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